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Mr. Solomon Mensah

Mr. Solomon Mensah, Freelance Journalist and Blogger

I love to write. If there’s anything I would do every second of the day without getting bored, it would be writing. Graciously, I came into contact with the C.E.O of Scribe Communications, Mr. Kobina Ansah, who helped me discover a new dimension in my writing skills.

Aside the quality editing and proofreading services they offered me, they helped me develop new ideas as far as my reporting and blogging skills were concerned. Now, I can boast of a wider readership of my blog and followership on social media.

Thanks once again to #TeamScribe for the selfless service offered me. God bless you!

Mr. Mawuli Pomary

Mr. Mawuli Pomary,Chief concept developer

Running a lifestyle ezine with thousands of followers in this era of thriving social media is no mean task. And… especially with a discerning readership from across the globe, it is a must to always be on the lookout for new concepts and ideas.

Thanks to Scribe Communications. We’re always rest assured our content is in good taste for our cherished readers around the world. They have helped us with our online editing and even carved out articles to suit our niche.

They make writing and reading as easy as anything you can imagine. Just try them once and you would come back thanking us here at Viva Ghana.

Samuel Owusu Ansah

Mr. Samuel Owusu Ansah, Researcher and Assistant Lecturer, Information Studies Dept., University of Ghana.

As a researcher and assistant lecturer of the prestigious University of Ghana, one cannot afford to consult just anyone to offer some vital services (especially editing and proofreading) for them. I am my research and my research is me.

In addition to my many roles, I help run a research consulting firm in Accra on a part-time basis. Having the daunting task of designing research concepts and ideas for clients, further analyzing their data and seeing them through their publication, I had one important need; a responsible, recognized firm to give me professional, technical advice with regards to good writing and what have you. Thankfully, I was introduced to Scribe Communications and I haven’t regretted doing business with them at all.

They have an array of professionals with different backgrounds to their credit, making editing, proofreading and any technical advice given on any research or script very appropriate. Intelligent as they are, they have helped me put smiles on the face of my many clients and students, too.

They always insist, “If a piece is not worth reading, of course it is not worth writing,” and indeed, they have lived up to it. Until a script is at its best, they would always insist it be done over and over again to suit the taste of not only our clients but also those yet to be our clients.

Stressing that they are a creative team would be an understatement- just give them your ideas and they would help you say exactly same in ink. They are just cut out for writing.

Poorly-edited researches are not my headache anymore. At the snap of my fingers, I would have my expectations met. Scribe Communications? I would recommend them any moment!

Mr. David

Mr. David Baffour-Kwakye, C.E.O, Executive Director, Request Consulting Ltd.

Request Consulting Ltd. is one of the fastest growing business consulting firms in Ghana. Communications branding is one of our key products and we are proud to affirm that Scribe Communications has helped us achieve a lot in this field, as a client of theirs.

They have produced amazing scripts for our branding products, even beyond our satisfaction. Creative and time-conscious as they are, they meet every need of ours at the snap of our fingers. As a matter of fact, we have no problem with deadlines at all.

#TeamScribe is a very intelligent one and can come up with ideas to suit every need of its clients; be it technical or generalized; any day, anytime. Regardless of how mind-boggling a concept might be, it can carve out ideas to specifically suit it. It has helped us, for instance, in articles and scripts to suit our readership/or audience, hence selling our brand even more.

And… their prices are very affordable; comparatively cheaper!

I have only one thing to say. If you have that rare opportunity of working with Scribe Communications, please do. They deserve every bit of your attention and even more. Thank you.

Mr. David

Mr. Joseph Onwona Appah, Executive Director, TreasureHunt Education.

TreasureHunt Education, an educational consultancy, has trained many young people across Ghana to read and write well. As a publishing firm, we’ve had several successful projects of which without Scribe Communications, would not have been possible. A typical example is our Read4Life project where #TeamScribe helped us develop concepts in publishing books suitable for children; so as to instill the conscience of reading in them.

We owe tons of gratitude to them. #TeamScribe, again, has helped us hone the writing talent of many youth via our annual writing and reading contests. The team has ideas. They have been a solution to every writing need of ours.

If you want to add some flavor to your script, contact them as soon as you can. They would give it that rare professional touch you have never dreamt of. Thank you Scribe Communications. We indeed thought it… and you’ve inked it. You’ve earned it!

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    Dansoman-Last Stop, Accra-Gh.


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