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Errors are costly so you avoid them if you can. Having one’s work edited varies from manual to online. For instance, clients may just want us to check for the presence or absence of errors in their works. While others may prefer just online editing or having soft copies of their works edited, others may wish both soft and hard copies are checked for errors. We would go through your work as many times as you may want us to… all at your convenience.
Proofreading is a similitude of editing. However, for our proofreading services, in addition to editing your piece of work, we grant you unparalleled consultation as to how your script/piece should be restructured and if possible, rewritten.
Ideally, we take every required detail about you, you tell your story to us and voila… you have your autobiography on the shelves of all libraries across the world! Others, however, might have written such already and would still want to us to give it some touch. Such are charged according to proofreading charges.
We can develop every idea of yours into a movie script, story book, novel, technical writing, just name them. All these we will do in your name. You take the credit. We, however, reserve the rights to mention such works for advertisement purposes in future.
You can likewise contact us to write a biography about you or whoever you choose to, in third person language. We can as well help you develop concepts on a biography you would want us to work on on your behalf.
Whichever brand you would want to promote via a brochure, all you need to do is to give us a call and give us details about your product(s). We would develop a brochure for that product, at your convenience.
We develop ideas for any winning proposal you would want to write. Just think it… we ink it. If you have no such ideas yet, we would do the thinking for you all the same. We have professionals who critically analyze such proposals, especially the technical ones, so as to suit whoever your target is. Don’t dream of writing a proposal if you are not ready to win. You are your proposal and your proposal is you. Let the experts help you!
Report writing can indeed be a nightmare for most of us. We offer services in report writing in every field, regardless of how technical it may be. All you need is to report to us, we develop the content and do the reporting in ink… flawlessly.
We also do develop and write concepts/content for websites. You fill us in with what you want us to say about your brand, and we do exactly that. We would get your long-awaited website running with exciting, catchy content that would sell your brand more than you ever thought.
Creativity is one hallmark of ours. Just roll out your ideas to us and we would put down audience-moving speeches when you sit in the comfort of your home, office or wherever. Regardless of how technical they may seem, we still are a solution to your needs, thanks to our team of experts. Contact us and let us help you move your listeners.
For any type of advertisement (radio, print, TV, etc.), we write catchy scripts to sell your products; more than you have ever dreamt of. In any business type, there should be advertisement. Let us help you develop customer-winning scripts for your adverts.
We help our customers write articles, too. At affordable prices, we make them tell stories in the professional way so that everyone everywhere would love to read to the end.
Any kind of work of literature, just think it, we ink it. You can task us to write a novel about a proposed story line or tender in an unfinished novel so we make such complete with our ideas. It all depends on you. Of what service do you want us to be to you?.
We can transcribe your thoughts into witty, interesting short stories. Get in touch.
A novella, a mini-novel kind of, can be written for you if that’s what you dream of. Just let us know what your ideas are. We will write exactly what you are thinking.
Is it a poem you want to write for a loved one or for a particular occasion? We would always deliver. We have experts who would write whatever you think of to reflect what you so much desire.
Should you ever require the services of professionals to write something shorter than a short story for you, we are here to do exactly that for you. Just think it, we would craftily ink it for you.
We also offer services in citation writing. Honor those who honor you by getting the right people say what you want to be said. Yes we do, Scribe Communications.
Newsletters (whether soft or hard copies), according to research, are another means of cheap publicity. Sell your products and your brand. Let us help you by writing newsletters designed to advertise you and your brand.
Getting a magazine of your own just got easier. We provide you with scintillating content tailored to suit your mission, vision and market needs. If you want your customers to crave for your magazine any day anytime, contact us.
Exclusive to corporate bodies, we write your annual reports on your behalf. We churn out creative annual reports that are quite different from the usual, everyday annual report. Our designs and content are coherently on point.

As long as you want your ideas transformed into a book, script or whichever intellectual property of yours, we are at your service.

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